giovedì 19 gennaio 2012

Art for sale!

"The Fable of The Gorgeous Caterpillar", 5 x 2 feet. Maracole2011

"Beware of Flowers", 1 X 2 feet. Maracole 2011

"Happy Birthday!", 15 x 15 inches. Maracole 2011

"When it rains Diamonds", 5 X 16 inches. Maracole2011

"Shells", 14 x 20 inches. Maracole2011

"Kitchen Mouse Ghost", 9 x 18 inches. Maracole2011

"Rodent Rose", 7,5 x 11 inches. Maracole2011

"Mousey Candy-Rose & Her Baby", 8 x 13 inches. Maracole2011

"Mousey Candy-Rose", 6 x 9 inches. Maracole2011

"White Cross Baby", 7 x 13 inches. Maracole2011

"Watch your Teeth!", 15 x 24 inches. Maracole2011

"Watch your Teeth! 2", 15 x 24 inches. Maracole2011

martedì 8 novembre 2011

Botanical Extravaganza Project

 Mousey Candy-Roses are a mix between a rose, a candy stick and a mouse. The following is the report of one of the botanical experiments filed in the anonymous herbarium called:

"Botanical Extravaganza".

This report of a botanical experiment has been found inside an empty laboratory of an unknown flower grower, who reported the curious experiment named "Mousey Candy Rose".
The hybrid creature  named "Mousey Candy rose" is the result of the grafting of rodent genes into a wild rose’s seed, which has been watered with liquid sugar and industrial candy flavor for two weeks, before starting to sprout.
The plant grown from that sprout has been fertilized with cheese flakes for about a month, growing a curious tubular and striped stalk that looks like a candy cane.
The bud popped out only by the second month of experiment, with sincere satisfaction of the flower grower. The wild rose that blossomed soon afterwards displayed a tiny mouse head in her core. The flower grower seemed to be truly enjoying it, as he refers to it as “the cutest thing”.
The situation turned off suspicious, though, as the mouse began to grow tiny and sharpen teeth. The flower grower loved his creature, and he kept feeding her with the most delicious cheddar cheese.
On the third month of experiment the Mousey Candy Rose had grown taller, chubbier and stronger, to the point that a pair of nice feet (wearing fancy shoes!) popped out from underneath its base.
The flower grower was genuinely fascinated, as he reported the unexplainable vanishing of the plant roots. He also reported that, once the Mousey Candy Rose was able to move her first step, he had to chain her to the pot, in order to prevent her for running all over the laboratory (mice tend to be very industrious, especially at night).
The flower grower was compelled to cage his creature, against any ethical belief.
He kept feeding the rose with cheese, and watering her with liquid sugar, up to the revealing moment when the creature grew tiny hands with worrying claws.
One day the flower grower discovered in horror that she used her claws to dig a hole in the bottom cage and set herself free.
It must have been at that point that the flower grower expressed his first perplexity about the whole experiment. He also confessed to be scared by the unexpected results he had obtained. It was now evident that the rodent genes had taken over the plant’s, so that the hybrid creature generated was in fact a rodent, more than anything else.
Going against his ethic, the flower grower stopped feeding his creature, expecting her to fade and eventually die.  But against any expectation the creature started eating herself, biting into the candy stick that composed her body. The flower grower despaired, in the astonishing self revelation that he had given birth to a monster.
The last page of the experiment reportage is almost empty, with the word "forgive" only partially spelled. It is clear that the flower grower had no time to finish his writing, as the experiment was interrupted by something unexpected.
Curiously, blood stains the page.
(By anonymous.)

This is a beautiful sample of Mousey Candy Rose just opened.  Look at how pretty are her blue eyes, and what a shiny fur! This is just the best Mousey Rose I've ever grown. I water her with liquid sugar twice a day and I feed her some cheese fertilizer once a week.

As you plant a mousey-candyrose seed into mild dirt, all you need to do is to water it with liquid sugar and fertilize with cheese flakes. After a week or two the candy stick-stalk pops out of the soil.

It will takes two weeks to grow tall, sugary and bright.The bud usually gets ready to blossom within 15 days.

As the boots pop out of the seed, it is ready to sprout. The mouse genes are taking over the plant.

As a Mousey Candy-Rose has grown enough, she gets "footed". With her nice pair of boots she can jump and run all over the place and you won't be in charge of feeding her no more.
It's at this point that the "mousy" part of those creatures takes over, and there's nothing you can do about it.

Since a Mousey candy Rose is partially a mouse, you have to expect her to sleep during the day and to turn into a little evil at night, when she wakes up and runs to the shelves in search for cheese.

What a mess in the kitchen! But it won't be for much longer: Unfortunately Mousey Candy-Roses wither very soon. They last as long as a regular rose...

See more soon.

martedì 1 novembre 2011

A "Kitchen Mouse Ghost" story...

Kitchen Mouse Ghosts are used to haunt my house every year around Halloween.

Those ghosts disguise themselves as kitchen mice in order to haunt store cupboards in search of sweets.

But they tend to be quite clumsy. Sometimes you can tell from the very first moment that they are wearing a camuflage: It's a matter of fact that Kitchen Mouse Ghosts aren't very good in stitching on mice costumes.

You can tell they have a fake tail. And there are times when the costume start falling apart.

Some other times they even forget to take off their socks!

They are not particularly scary, I'd say. Actually... Kitchen Mouse Ghosts are the ones that geta scared as they see a human being.

Poor thing! All this ghost wants is just to eat his sweets in peace.

How are shells made?

Have you ever wondered where shells come from?

"Villis" are the  explanation. Those furry and tender creatures live underneath the ocean, and grow shells from their heads. As a shell is ready the Villis drops it off his head, down on the sand.

No worries: Another shell will grow from the Villis' head soon.

                                                          Good night... ZZZZ  ZZZZ...

"Villi" is an intellectual property of Maracole.

venerdì 21 ottobre 2011

"PooPoo Girl & Mr Fly"

The doll that nobody had the courage to make, it's finally here!  "PooPooGirl" by Maracole is the first and unique scented poo poo doll. This first release is Strawberry scented, as PooPooGirl has just eaten strawberries.

PooPoo Girl loves strawberries. As she eats strawberry, strawberry spots pop up on her cheeks and she becomes strawberry scented. Mmmhhh, delicious!

Mr Fly is always with PooPoo Girl. Soon available the comic strips of their fantastic adventures.

PooPooGirl by Maracole 2011. All rights reserved.